Customer value propositions

SIG Air Handling The Netherlands is a leading supplier of air treatment products and systems. We offer HVAC project solutions for professional installers and engineering offices through the following propositions:



With our broad range of quality products, local presence and exellent logistics, we offer our customers ease of access, flexibility and technical support. We provide our customers with the one-stop-shop, a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, easy ordering, quick and reliable delivery and a team of knowledgeable and friendly people.



We provide solutions for energy efficient and healthy indoor air quality with expertise in various market segments, ranging from offices and warehouses tot hospitals and schools, which are compliant with the latest regulations.

In everything we do, we offer ways to improve indoor air quality in all aspects, from design in BIM (Revit) through to delivery at the building spot (plug & play solutions). Through our high technically skilled staff, we support the project form the design phase to the completion of a building.



Air quality is important to everyone's comfort, safety and health. We provide and deliver tailor-made services to tune and maintain the quality of the indoor climate at the required level and reduce lifetime costs.