Social Engagement


The EFA (European Federation of Allergy and airways diseases patients' associations) is an umbrella organisation, which at European level represents 39 national patients’ associations in 25 European countries. EFA is dedicated to making Europe a place where people with allergies, asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease):

  • Have the right to the best quality of care and a safe environment
  • Live uncompromised lives
  • Are actively involved in all decisions influencing their health

In relation to ventilation, the EFA recommends that building owners/occupants should receive a detailed guide on how to maintain their ventilation systems so they can control their own IAQ for comfort and cleanliness. EFA aims for clearer regulations which explain who has the responsibility for coping with mould and dampness due to poor ventilation and/or water leakages. IAQ is not, and should not be, the Cinderella of the air pollution field. 2 million healthy lives are lost in the EU every year due to poor indoor air quality. As such, this issue needs to be properly regulated to guarantee that everyone has the fundamental right to breathe healthy indoor air. For additional information regarding EFA please visit the company website.


Homeplan is a Dutch organisation that builds houses for the poorest people in developing countries together with local partners. A house not only gives these people protection but it gives them a new home and most important a sense of selfesteem. After the construction a local partner of Homeplan will continue with support in education, medical treatment and community development. Homeplan believes that a house is a first step towards a better future.

HomePlan realizes the 'House, Home, Future' approach in Mexico, Nicaragua, Haïti and South Africa. SIG Air Handling The Netherlands is a permanent partner to Homeplan. As volunteers we have had the opportunity to join Homeplan in the construction and build of housing for poor family ourselves. For additional information regarding Homeplan please visit Homeplan.


Social commitment

SIG Air Handling The Netherlands has worked for many years with various schools and different areas of education. The students from these schools come to the different companies of SIG Air Handling The Netherlands to obtain practical knowledge and experience. Several subsidiaries have been designated an Approved Work Placement Company for various courses. This has also resulted in several trainees being employed by SIG Air Handling The Netherlands. We also cooperate with sheltered employment organisations to offer them a good chance in our society as well.