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Energy Efficiency

Project information

An office with a view

This new project which is currently under construction proposes a three block building with elevated patios and a stunning view on 'Parque Lezama' and 'Rio de la Plata'. The three blocks, containing  a branch office, front office and back office, will be interconnected through glass hallways. The complex will consist of 10 floors and 4 subterranean levels.

Priority no. 1: energy savings

The saving of energy is priority number one and that is exactly why the consultant of this project choose to install energy efficient Barcol-Air Induction VAV, instead of the obsolete fan powered boxes. Extra attention was paid to the selection of the 1, 2 and 4 row heating coils, to minimise the use of energy during heating applications.

Barcol-Air supplied:

  • 600 pcs of Induction VAV's with hot water reheat coil
  • All terminals are fully equipped with factory fitted, wired and calibrated BACnet DDC VAV controllers

Green Building rating: LEED Gold certification anticipated.

  • Buenos Aires | Argentina
  • Office Building (new build)

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