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Amsterdam (The Netherlands) - HC RT | HC KP | HC PS | Barcol-Air

BREEAM Outstanding qualification

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The worlds's most sustainable office building

Not in Tokyo, New York, Delhi, London or Paris, but in Amsterdam you will find the world’s most sustainable office building: The Edge. The sophisticated design, combined with smart and advanced technology, resulted in a 98.4% (BREEAM-NL) sustainability score for the building.

The Edge sheds new light on real estate in the future: buildings that generate more energy than they consume. The Edge has verything on offer to enable a pleasant workplace, in every sense of the word. The innovative design creates a comfortable living environment, whilst additionally focusing on sustainability and efficient energy consumption.

Subsidiaries of SIG Air Handling The Netherlands

The following subsidiaries of SIG Air Handling The Netherlans were involved in creating this successful project:

  •  HC RT (fully integrated Building Management System)
  • HC KP (chilled ceilings)
  • HC PS (parking ventilation system)
  • Barcol-Air (VAV and diffusers) 

Healthy life

The Edge is not only good for the environment; it also offers a healthy internal climate for users. For instance, the heat recovery ventilation system contributes to an intelligent ventilation system.

  • Amsterdam
  • OVG (NL)
    Deerns (NL)
    G&S Bouw (NL)
    Homij Bosman Combinatie (NL)
  • Office Building (new build)
Project The Edge - Amsterdam
Project The Edge - Amsterdam
Project The Edge - Amsterdam
Project The Edge - Amsterdam

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