Le Toison d'Or

Brussels (Belgium) | HC PS

Engineering including CFD calculation

Project information

A district with an international atmosphere

The southern part of central Brussels is a district with an international atmosphere. You will find top flagship stores alongside world class museums and large parks. Le Toison d'Or is the most coveted promenade in the European capital and it will give the urban upper city an extra boost.

With its innovative design, Le Toison d'Or cleverly mixes residential units with retail and also offers a spacious courtyard, two nurseries and an underground parking (public and private).

12.000 m2, divided over 3 floors

HC PS has been involved since the pre- till final design phase of this project. Performance of the system in accordance with applicable legislation and other requirements from e.g. fire brigade.

Besides engineering, installations, project management etc., the main components delivered by HC PS:

  • CFD calculation
  • 22 pcs of Induction fans
  • 5 pcs of Axial Flow fans
  • 22 pcs of smoke screens
  • 23 pcs of air dampers
  • MCC panel
  • Brussels (Belgium)
  • Car Park

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