Air Handling Business

SIG Air Handling The Netherlands is a subsidiary of SIG plc.

SIG plc is a leading European supplier of insulation, exteriors and interiors and is listed on the London stock exchange. The revenue of SIG plc is ± €3.2 billion. Worldwide, over 10.000 people are employed at SIG plc. Please visit the corporate website for additional information on SIG plc.

SIG plc first significant move into air handling came through acquisitions in 2008. Over recent years the air handling business has grown rapidly. In 2016 the estimated revenue was ± €250 million. The air handling business currently employs more than 1.000 people. Over 100 trading sites and 9 value add assembling facilities together represent the European presence in the air handling business. Please visit for additional information.


"As a member of the SIG familiy, we share the same values and corporate responsibilities"